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Control your self-talk with the power of I AM WHO I SAY I AM training.

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Master controlling your self-talk. Capitalize on your next opportunity at all career levels.


Free yourself to become the person you want to be at home, work and in community.

Landing A New Role

After struggling in interviews, within 2-weeks of I AM coaching, I had 3 offers from major firms.*

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Our mission

To empower women and others, to believe in, and realize, their greater career capabilities in technology. By innovating the I AM WHO I SAY I AM online experiential personal and professional development programs.

Who You Are

You are on a mission to invest in yourself, advance your career and be a difference maker.

What You Believe

You believe communication is the # 1 skill set for career advancement and self-talk is key.

Why Us

I AM Who I Say I AM is the mental technology to control self-talk, increase self-care and self-advocate for career advancement.

events & programs

We partner with organizations that provide best-in-class conferences and webinars delivering career growth strategies. Our courses are the mental technology to execute those strategies by increasing self-care and self-advocacy.

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We are a proud partner in the largest virtual tech conference for women, minorities and their allies in tech, Women in Tech Global Conference 2024 that took place April 23-25.

The theme for this year’s conference is evolving around Technology Leadership, Tech Innovation, Career Growth, and how we can make an impact and shape the future together.

#WTGC2024 will feature tech professionals, industry innovators, and +700 speakers from all over the world. Some of the speakers are the most accomplished women in tech, including technologists and leaders from companies like Amazon, Google, HP, Meta, Microsoft, IBM, and many more. Use code WITCOM2024 for 20% off.


execute career growth strategies

I AM WHO I SAY I AM Foundational Course is the daily application of proven cognitive neuroscience to program your thinking to sustain positive thinking and bold action.

For those seeking to close the gap between strategy and execution. For example, do you intend to be a strong self-advocate and when the opportunity arises, you don’t perform?

Get self-empowered to overcome self-criticism by controlling your self-talk and stepping into your next exciting role in technology.

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Program your thinking to make bold career moves.

I AM WHO I SAY I AM empowers you to execute your personal and professional growth strategies. It is a series of online learning programs that facilitate controlling your self-talk, increasing your self-care, and your self-advocacy.

communities we serve

We are purpose-driven serving diverse communities of women, allies & LGBTQ in tech.

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Women in Tech

The IAMWHOISAYIAM. Global is part of the global ecosystem empowering women in tech. We partner with diverse communities to self-empower conference and webinar participants to implement their career strategies.

We Are Inclusive

The I AM WHO I SAY I AM programs are for women in tech, and those who aspire to be, to experience career growth, while enjoying mental health and happiness! ALL are welcome!

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mischa martineau

Leveraging her expertise in organizational development – specializing in sustainable cultural belief systems – Mischa developed the cognitive neuroscience-based I AM WHO I SAY I AM curriculum.  Since 2003 she has developed disruptive marketing, training and communications systems.

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Our Results

From exuding self-confidence, articulating business value and self-advocating for greater recognition and career opportunity; our clients become stronger communicators as: public speakers, executives, managers and individual contributors.

I was having marginal success with job interviews. After practicing my “I AM Who I Say I AM” self-confidence exercises, I found myself consistently advancing to the next round. Within 2 weeks I received 2 offers and accepted a dream job that I directly attribute to my “I AM Who I Say I AM” training and coaching!

N Jerry

Senior IT Program Manager

In her WITI keynote, Mischa showed how to practice techniques to articulate unique value, what it takes to be recognized, and how to unlock opportunities for your career and step into the realization of the new you!

Lenke Valek

Women In Technology International, Orange County Committee

Founder's Mental Health Story

Mischa Martineau’s journey surviving, persevering, recovering from forty-seven years of alcoholism and thirty-seven years overcoming bi-polar disorder.

illustration of covid-19 biological shape over groups of people representing continents

Covid-19 Lessons For Today

An update to the original article in 2020. When mission-critical is destroyed by self-critical, there is a timeless root cause solution.

Proven Cognitive Neuroscience

Mischa Martineau was an advisory board member for the inaugural Neuroscience Forum, Executive Next Practices Institute, University of California, Irvine, Applied Innovation.

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