by Jun 28, 2023

I AM WHO I SAY I AM is the mental technology to implement strategy.

You’ve invested in conferences, coaching and consumed hours of online learning. You know what to do to advance your career, for example to:

  • Be bold
  • Speak up
  • Stand out

You’ve heard it and now it’s time to make it true for you! It’s all about strategy-execution, isn’t it?

There is a powerful difference between telling people what to think and do, and empowering them to control their self-talk.

Mischa Martineau

When informed by winning strategies, have you ever thought:

  • that sounds great, how do I that,
  • that doesn’t sound great and I am never going to do that, or
  • I implement [insert your example, i.e. speak-up in a meeting] once and go back to my old self again.

Self-actualize with the power of I AM WHO I SAY I AM!

Developed, and practiced daily, by Mischa Martineau – overcoming clinical mental illness and addiction, exceling in personal and professional development programs for private and public sectors, individuals and teams, since 1983.

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Coding the next iteration of you 2.024

From self-care to self-advocacy,

The I AM WHO I SAY I AM Foundational Course, empowers you to program your thinking as the driver to your success.

I AM WHO I SAY I AM is the mental technology to implement your career growth strategies. It is an agile process for personal and professional development. Leveraging proven cognitive neuroscience, you’ll apply daily moment-by-moment techniques to control your self-talk, regulate your emotions and take action in alignment with your goals and intentions. It’s an iterative process to systematically develop your capabilities to withstand the pressures of work and home life. To step boldly into new opportunities with the mental stamina to persevere and be resilient. Day-by-day, beta test the new you, honor your processes and experience mental health and happiness.

For details about courses, pricing and curriculum, follow us, and check back soon!

The most powerful system for success is one’s belief system. What do you believe is possible – for your impact at home, work and in the community?

Mischa Martineau