For Tweens, Teens & Adults

Suicide prevention. Freedom from alcoholism, domestic violence and other effects of mental illness.

I AM Who I Say I AM

A learning program that empowers you to believe in yourself!

Program Deliveries

The Boys & Girls Club, Valley High School, Girls Inc.

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We live in an equal human rights world where all people are valued and championed.


Our mission is to empower teens to believe in themselves, overcome adversities, elevate and achieve their career ambitions with mental health and happiness.

For Teens Who Feel Invisible

I AM Who I Say I AM awakens a teen’s voice. See me. Hear me. I exist. I matter. I AM valuable. Jennifer Cimaglia, MS, MFT

Overcoming Depression

A biologically embedded depression may be regulated for greater well-being. Robin Zender MA Research Manager, Clinical and Translational Science, UCI, Irvine, California.

Elevating Careers

Achieving career goals by overcoming self-doubt and self-criticism.


I AM Who I Say I AM is a mental health-based program contained in the 64-page My Discovery Journal workbook. It empowers teens to control their self-talk and overcome the tyranny of self-doubt and self-criticism.

I AM Who I Say I AM provides desperately needed messages for teens who feel invisible. The My Discovery Journal is magnetic to awaken their inner voices: Yes! I AM. See me. Hear me. Feel me. I exist. I matter. I AM valuable.
Jennifer Cimaglia MS, MFT

While people of all ages will benefit greatly, I am enthused about empowering our children to avert the psychological difficulties that plague many adults.
Dr. Ruth Stafford Clinical Psychologist

A diverse group of teens holding a stop bullying sign

Teens: Arresting the Bully Within

The I AM Who I Say I AM program empowers teens to prevent bullying with the critical thinking skills to cope with the pressures of life and school.

Mischa Martineau At The Ocean

About Mischa Martineau

Mischa Martineau is the embodiment of I AM Who I Say I AM for mental health and happiness; overcoming alcoholism, clinical depression, homelessness and domestic violence.

Mischa Martineau at The Chicago School of Psychology

I AM Who I Say I AM for professionals

Mischa Martineau delivered a guest keynote for graduate students in the Masters of Psychology program, Chicago School of Psychology, Irvine, California.