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Mental Health & Happiness

Career Success Overcoming Addiction & Mental Illness.


I AM WHO I SAY I AM.Global is the merger of Martineau Systems and California Life Solutions. Since 2003, developing and delivering its proprietary programming, empowering individuals (age 11 +) to believe in themselves and experience lives of significance!

Our Company Growth

2022 Merger I AM WHO I SAY I AM.Global!


Martineau Systems: marketing, business and belief systems for growth and sustainability.


I AM WHO I SAY I AM My Discovery Journal for teen bully prevention.


California Life Solutions for mental health professionals and workforce development.


I AM WHO I SAY I AM for women in technology career advancement for greater impact.

our purpose

To empower the children of the world to believe in themselves. 


IAMWHOISAYIAM.Global is a US-based company, founded by Mischa Martineau, that develops and delivers the I AM WHO I SAY I AM online experiential learning programs for personal and professional development. The growth of the company springs from its delivery of root cause solutions that empower individuals to overcome mental health adversities, build career capabilities and experience lives of significance.


Since 2010, implementations have spanned public and private sectors. Today’s primary focus is on women and others in technology; accelerating their careers and increasing their impact while they are enjoying mental health and happiness.

Founder, CEO, Developer

Mischa Martineau is the founder of I AM WHO I SAY I AM.Global and its previous brands Martineau Systems and California Life Solutions. Leveraging her expertise in organizational development – specializing in cultural transformation – she developed the cognitive neuroscience-based I AM WHO I SAY I AM curriculum.

Mental Health Professionals

Licensed mental health professionals have leveraged the I AM WHO I SAY I AM My Discovery Journal for work with teens. Mischa delivered a keynote faciliation of I AM WHO I SAY I AM for students graduating a Masters degree program at Chicago School of Psychology, Irvine, California. 

Women In Technology

From ground zero in technological competence, within 3 months of being hired by a software development firm, Mischa was leading an enterprise migration to a project portfolio management system and training: project managers, software engineers, business analysts, and reporting to the C-Suite.

Tweens & Teens

Mischa delivered a customized program serving Boys & Girls Club of America, Laguna Beach, CA, aligning the curriculum with the National SMART Girl program; kicking-off a Girls Inc Externship program, California State University, Fullerton.

First Product

The 64-page I AM WHO I SAY I AM My Discovery Journal geared for teens is our first product. Later customized for tweens and ever-evolving to reach broader constituencies across public and private sectors.

Workforce Development

Mischa delivered a train-the-trainer for a Working Wardrobes team of employment specialists, and case manager, to deliver the LEAP2 government sponsored program empowering women transitioning from incarceration to society. She was the keynote speaker in 2019 for graduates of the Goodwill Works employment program.

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